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Picture your corporate colours or logo ascending into the skies, fully visible to literally thousands at any one time. Hot Air Balloon Advertising & Sponsorship is a marketing medium that has been highly utilised and affective on a global scale. Most of the world’s biggest brands have at some stage in their development capitalised on the impact, ease and value of Hot Air Balloon Advertising.

Some of the benefits of a Hot Air Balloon Advertising and Promotion campaign include:   A “Cost per Thousand” study by the Gibbons Group revealed that:
Cost Effective   On average, a Hot Air Balloon appearance directly generates publicity monetary return at a value seven times the actual cost of the Balloon promotion - This figure excludes secondary media coverage obtained through an ongoing Ballooning programme.
Very High Recall & Retention Value  
Media Friendly  
Highly Visual  
Easily Mobile  
Can easily & positively attract large crowds of spectators.  
Versatility in how it can be activated and coordinated with supporting on-ground activities.  

Hot Air Balloon Advertising & Sponsorship can be utilised in three main ways

Balloon with Branded Banners   Custom built Branded Balloon   Special Shape Balloon
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