Balloon Safari

A SkyWaltz balloon safari not only offers you the opportunity to see India and its spectacular forts, hidden palaces, breathtaking terrain and traditional local villages from a very unique perspective but also the chance to meet the friendly people that make this country such a vibrant, energetic & diverse place. Your Balloon Safari will ; and take you where no tour itinerary will and every flight is a totally new adventure.

Getting ready

A morning Balloon Safari starts early with our vehicles picking you up from your hotel or local accommodation. Your exact pick-up time will be confirmed with you or your guide one day before your Safari. As you arrive at the launch site, our friendly team will be there to greet & welcome you. You will then have time to enjoy some light refreshments whilst you witness the exhilarating site of the Balloons being inflated and prepared for flight.

Taking off!

After being expertly guided into your Balloon Basket by our helpful Crew, a thorough Safety Briefing will be conducted by your Pilot. Then with the rising of the sun and a few short blast from the Burners, you will be gently start afloat in the calms of the Indian Skies.

Gliding through the sky

Each flight is spectacularly different. Whilst we know from where you will take-off, we genuinely don’t know where you will land as you drift where the wind decides to take you. Your Pilot will vary the altitude during the flight, flying low to offer you an exclusive sneak-peak into daily Indian life and its hidden treasures and then climbing high to witness the amazing patchwork of colours and contours.

Touch down!

Your Balloon Safari will last for approximately 60 minutes but may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the weather conditions on the day. After you have landed , our vehicles will be ready and waiting to drop you back to your Hotel or to another convenient location - If you are travelling with a tour group, our drivers will take you to meet with the rest of your group (soon to be very jealous of your experience) and will wait with you until your guide arrives.

Celebrate an unforgettable experience

After landing, your Pilot will present you with the traditional Flight Certificate to remember your experience forever. Further, In-Flight photos to remember your amazing Balloon Safari experience are also available for purchase after the flight along with Caps or T-Shirt's.

Words From Our Happy Customers...

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left quotes

In current times, when most people have tried everything at least once, how do you surprise a loved on…?  You take to the skies.  But forget speed, because this chance to experience the earliest form of flight, allows you to take a short step off the 21st Century merry-go-round, and enjoy a trip as nature intended.  Slow and silent, yet one of the most invigorating journeys you will ever take.
A SkyWaltz Balloon Safari is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.  Memories will be made and never forgotten. So stop looking for the perfect gift – you’ve found it…!!
I would love to comment further, but you can’t improve on perfect…!
Best of luck with SkyWaltz – you deserve it.”—Alison McKay (Head of Creative- Radio Clyde)

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I could never even imagine that a balloon flight could be such exhilarating experience. My family is already all set for another rendezvous when SkyWaltz resumes operations in September. ” —Shashwat Agarwal (Chairman - Rich Capital)

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I had never imagined that ballooning could be such a wonderful experience. It is hard to describe it in words... The entire process from start to finish - watching the inflations, prepping up, the flight itself and the landing, all make for a very invigorating experience. All that I can say is that you have to experience this adventure first hand... ”—Nitin Mohan (Director - Black Berry's)

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I have never seen India from this perspective. By virtue of my profession and involvement in the travel & tour business, I am always on the move and get to see and experience various places. But.. this Balloon Flight over Samode was something that we can never forget. The beautiful palace, the forts around, the enthusiastic villagers and lots more. We did not know about this side of Rajasthan till we went out with SkyWaltz ”—Rajiv Duggal (CEO - Select City Walk)

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Dear Gagan
Just to let you know that my wife and I enjoyed an excellent flight with your pilot Fernando on February 14th in Jaipur. The ‘gods smiled upon us’ on Valentines Day and the winds carried us over the Amber Fort and beyond and all was perfect. The balloons were in great shape, the pilots and staff all were excellent and we captured some great photos of all things around Jaipur, not least the smiling and laughing kids at the playground in to which we made a controlled landing. Congratulations to all for a most delightful ride/flight.
Kind regards ”—Skip McMullan

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I could never even imagine that a balloon flight could be such exhilarating experience. My family is already all set for another rendezvous when SkyWaltz resumes operations in September.”—Shashwat Agarwal (Chairman - Rich Capital)

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